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The real estate investment opportunities in Naples, FL are virtually endless.

Kenn Grasse

About Us


The Buck Companies, LLC was established in 1995, inspired primarily as a real estate investment company. Mr. Grasse has been in the commercial investment real estate industry for over 35 years. The focus has always been to create unique environmentally sensitive and fitting properties with natural, pleasing landscapes and amenities allowing users or residents to experience a special environment in which to work or live.




For the private and institutional investor, The Buck Companies investment approach is fundamentally grounded on three basic principles.


First, understanding that all properties have market cycles. With over 35 years in the real estate investment business we have seen a number of these cycles and this gives something of an advantage. That is the ability to hopefully see a little better into the future and recognize opportunities. 


Secondly, we strive to acquire properties at or below cost or that have a redeeming quality that provides an advantage in the market. We prefer properties that can be enhanced in some way either through redevelopment or new tenancy but in any case, allow for above average returns.


Lastly, we are patient buyers and recognize timing is everything.


Our development strategy is driven by market cycles and recognizing demand in the marketplace. Timing is critical, starting with the due diligence process, site selection, to zoning and financing. We want to build a great team of professionals to design and create properties that are unique but functional and that can achieve our goals on time and on budget. 


In particular we like to create properties with a focus on the well-being of the occupants. We pay thoughtful attention to the way properties fit into the environment; carefully designing and integrating interiors and exteriors emphasizing the surrounding landscape. 


The focus in our brokerage operations is relationships. While we recognize property fundamentals are critical to the process the working with clients and achieving realistic goals together is the bottom-line.


We have experience assisting investors identifying real estate opportunities for specific user needs, income property acquisitions, 1031 exchanges and site selection for investor/developers.


We also work with private and institutional investors who are interested in Joint Venture arrangements.



Founder, President and CEO of The Buck Companies LLC and continues to serve in this capacity. Mr. Grasse has been involved for over 30 years in the investment real estate business. Mr. Grasse created The Buck Companies in 1995. Over the years, Mr. Grasse has been involved in the acquistion and disposition of numerous commercial real estate and investment transactions as well as experience in site acquisition and real estate development. His focus has been to create niche properties with unique user environments, emphasizing and integrating relationships between the interior designs and the surrounding landscape.

Ken Grasse


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